general notes

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, many mutual funds exist that adhere to ethical, social, environmental and other sustainability standards.

It should be noted that there is no single definition of sustainable, ethical or environmental investments. Against this background, the platform “” presents all open-end mutual funds that are registered in Germany, Austria and/or Switzerland, which claim to consider social, environmental or ethical criteria in a concrete way. The information is based on both the factsheets and brochures of the funds and is matched, as far possible, with the investment companies.

As publisher of the platform, the Sustainable Business Institute (SBI) does not assess the sustainability of the funds. The fund database enables its users to select the funds according to their own economic, social, ecological and ethical criteria.

The fund profiles include, inter alia, performance, portfolio, investment strategy and investment criteria. To retrieve individual funds, you can select the fund (under Search, see above) directly or define specific criteria in the fund database using the advanced search.

The fund database is updated on a daily basis.

The criteria include, inter alia, fund types (equity funds, funds of funds, balanced mutual funds, pension funds, etc.), fund performance,; investments according to biggest regions, fund volumes as well as excluding criteria of the funds.


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