FUNDS - LGT Sustainable Equity Fund Europe (EUR) B
Last update on: 25/11/2015

LGT Sustainable Equity Fund Europe (EUR) B

Investment trust
LGT Capital Management AG
LGT Funds SICAV, Herrengasse 12 9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Asset Manager
LGT Capital Partners (FL) Ltd., Schützenstrasse 6, CH-8808 Pfäffikon

Fund data (Equity Fund)

Fund size

(as of 31/10/2015)

74.40 mil. EUR
ISIN LI0015327906
Fund price (as of 25/11/2015)
Offer n.s.
Bid 1,179.19 Euro

* in relation to accumulation unit

Growth (as of 25/11/2015) *

5 Years 63.75 %
3 Years 54.43 %
1 Year 14.32 %
Current year 15.30 %
Benchmark MSCI Europe (EUR) (NR)

* in Euro (€)

Master data
ISIN LI0015327906
Launch date 30/09/2000
Available in AT, CH, DE, LI
Fund type Equity Fund
Kind of fund Sustainability and ethical funds / Sustainability-/ Ethical fund
Aim of investment The goal of this segment is to achieve a reasonable total return for this market segment, by investing in shares of European companies, while taking sustainability and a balanced risk diversification into account.
Investment strategy The segment invests its assets primarily in equity securities and rights (shares, participation certificates, certificates and other) of companies, which meet the LGT sustainability philosophy and have their headquarter in a European country or operate predominantly in this area, or are mainly invested in companies based in this area. The investment focuses on investments in future-oriented themes, sectors and activities.
Investment process LGT uses its own investment philosophy (LGT Sustainable Impact Investing) to achieve the objective. Both the economic and financial analysis as well as social, environmental and corporate governance components are considered for the selection of the securities. Companies integrate sustainability in terms of funds and measuring their success. Countries are characterized by the lowest possible and effective use of environmental and social resources.

The method, developed by LGT, attempts to prefer the countries, organizations, markets, industries and companies regarding the weighting of direct and indirect investments, whose relative sustainability value is above average. Individual countries, organizations, markets, industries and companies, which have a sustainability value below average, can be excluded.

Through this investment philosophy an attempt to generate a long-term financial value while achieving a contribution to human well-being (not financial value) is achieved.
Positive criteria n.s.
Negative criteria for stocks and corporate bonds Governance:
- corruption and bribery*

Ethical and Social:
- alcohol / spirits
- exploitative children's work
- gambling
- children's work
- landmines
- weapons of mass destruction
- pornography
- cluster boms and anti-personnel mines
- tobacco products
- offending human rights
- weapons / armaments

- fossil fuels*
- nuclear energy (operating or component manufacture)

- environmental harmful conduct*

Negative criteria for government bonds Ethical and Social:
- children's work (states)*
- death penalty*
- unfree states, according to Freedom House
- offending human rights (states)
- contempt against employment law*
- contempt on nuclear weapons perr conract (states)
- contempt on Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Weapons (states)

- non-ratification of UN Convention on Biodiversity*
- non-rativication of the Kyoto Protocol*
- non-ratification of the Protocol of biological Safety*

- high defense budget*
- Nuclear energy by share of gross energy production*
- corruption

Research done by Asset4 & Inrate & InHouse

This fund profile is aligned with the fund company.

*no exclusion but part of the analysis


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