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Last update on: 26/01/2015

db x-trackers S&P Europe 350 Shariah ETF

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Fund data (Exchange traded funds (ETF))

Fund size

(as of 01/01/2000)

Share class size

(as of 28/02/2015)

12.78 mil. EUR
ISIN LU0328475107
Fund price (as of 26/01/2015)
Offer 18.00 Euro
Bid 17.93 Euro

Growth (as of 26/01/2015) *

10 Years n.s.
5 Years 82.63 %
3 Years 54.37 %
1 Year 21.03 %
Current year 9.80 %
Benchmark Dow Jones Global Fund 50 Index

* in Euro (€)

Master data of Funds
Launch date 08/07/2008
Available in AT, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, IE, IT, LU, NL, SE, UK
Fund type Exchange traded funds (ETF)
Kind of fund Other funds / Shariah-compliant fund
Aim of investment The investment objective of the Fund is to track the performance of the S&P Europe 350 Shariah Index.
Investment strategy The S&P Shariah index series offers investors a set of indexes that correspond to the Islamic canonical law. The index is based on the parent index S&P Europe 350 (the "Parent Index"). Thus investors are offered a comparable investable portfolio while adopting, be applied by the Shariah law certain investment criteria.
The S&P Europe 350 is a stock index that includes 17 major European markets, covering approximately 70% of market capitalization in the region.
Investment process The fund is part of an account, which he credited the proceeds from the issuance of the shares, and uses these proceeds for investments in invested assets, according to the conformity criteria for Invested assets acquired and held. All proceeds and income from the investment or reinvestment of the invested assets will be credited by the Fund to Islamic investment account.
The Fund commissioned Dar Al Istithmar Limited (Sharia supervisory body) to the monitoring of Shariah compliance of the investment account and invested assets is taking and all reasonable efforts to the issued from time to time by the Shariah supervisory body advice regarding the Sharia provisions in reference to the Islamic investment account invested assets and the latest.
The Fund will seek certain Sharia-compliant arrangements to respond to the value of the fund, invested in by the Fund to exchange it for the performance of the Index can Shari'ah.
According to the agreements DBL are on the Sub-Fund from a sharia-compliant representation to acquire the invested assets of the Fund and the Fund are compared with DBL from a sharia-compliant pledge to sell invested assets at certain specified times to DBL.
The for the sale and purchase of the invested assets amount to be paid is determined by reference to the value of the Index. Invested Assets of the DBL is not purchased under the redemption of all shares, intend DBL and the Fund to make additional representations Sharia-compliant, to acquire additional capital invested assets to achieve the investment objective or sell.
Except for the case that DBL their commitments under these agreements meet sharia-compliant, the investors bear no development value or currency risks with regard to invested assets.
Positive criteria High Liquidity, limited money order varieties; Participation in the index growth without taking actions; Minimal tracking error at low cost; Cost efficient option for traditional funds
Negative criteria for stocks and corporate bonds Ethical and Social:
- alcohol
- gambling
- non-Islamic financial services and products
- pornography

Negative criteria for government bonds Ethical and Social:
- alcohol
- gambling
- non-Islamic financial services and products
- pornography

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