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HSBC Climate Finance Index



The index is a global reference index which has been designed to reflect and track the stock market performance of key companies that are best placed to profit from the challenges presented by climate change. The index covers a broad range of industries and businesses.
The HSBC climate change series comprises companies that are focused on addressing, combating and developing solutions to offset and overcome the effects of climate change. This includes companies which are, and have the potential to be, leaders as well as progressive corporations that we believe are best-placed to benefit from the successful mitigation of the effects of climate change.

Excluding criteria

n. s.

Positive criteria

- Low Carbon Energy Production
- Energy Efficiency & Energy Management
- Water, Waste & Pollution Control
- Financials

Research done by

HSBC CIBM's Global Research

Funds based on the index n.s.
Finance-/tech. - support by HSBC
Benchmark MSCI World, Dow Jones Sustainability World
Company profiles n.s.


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