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DAXglobal Alternative Energy Index


DAXglobal® Alternative Energy Index illustrates the performance of the worldwide fifteen biggest enterprises in the area of alternative energy.

This economic area consists of the following five sectors: natural gas, wind, solar, ethanol as well as geothermal energy/hybrid impulse and batteries.

All five sectors are immediately weighted in the index. Within the sectors the enterprises qualify by their market capitalization as well as a daily average turnover traded on the stock exchange of more than 1 million USD. The composition of DAXglobal ® alternative Energy index is adapted once a year; the index concatenation is carried out every three months.

DAXglobal® Alternative Energy Index delivers a tradeable indicator which reflects the impressive growth rates in the area of alternative energy forms. Besides, the index allows the financial participation in an industrial sector whose economic and social meaning with the continuous decline of the oil reserves and the growing consciousness for the so-called "environmental economy" increases continuously.

Excluding criteria


Positive criteria

- Natural gas;
- Wind;
- Solar;
- Geothermal Energy/Hybrid Impulse/ Batteries;
- Ethanol.

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Deutsche Börse

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