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Kempen SNS Smaller Europe SRI Index

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Kempen SNS Smaller Europe SRI Index


The Index provides:
- a viable option for investors wishing to invest across the whole SRI spectrum
- a benchmark for investors, which monitors SRI compliant smaller companies
- an incentive for smaller companies to become more socially responsible

Excluding criteria

- Nuclear Energy
- Weapons
- Tobacco
- Gentech
- Animal Experiments
- Pornography

Positive criteria

Only constituents of the HSBC Smaller European Companies are eligible for inclusion in the index. Companies must pass sustainability criteria based on research by SNS. SNS analyses the companies under three major categories:

- Environment performance
- Social performance
- Business Ethics

Research done by

The Quantitative Techniques Division of HSBC Bank plc in Edinburgh

Funds based on the index n.s.
Finance-/tech. - support by Kempen Capital Management, SNS Asset Management
Benchmark n.s.
Company profiles n.s.

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