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FTSE4GOOD Europe 50 Index

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by sector (as of 31/08/2015)

Sectors Shares
Financials32.11 %
Health23.11 %
Consumer Packaged Goods16.95 %
Telecom7.84 %
Oil + Gas7.75 %
Basic Materials 5.27 %
Industry2.57 %
Services2.40 %
Technology2.01 %
Utilities0.00 %

by countries (as of 22/09/2015)

by Shares (as of 22/09/2015)

Company Country Sector
ArcelorMittal France Industrial Goods & Services

General remarks

The component announcement of the FTSE4GOOD series are published by FTSE on a quarterly basis. SBI tracks the changes and updates the composition accordingly. Last update was on September 22, 2015. The FTSE4GOOD Europe 50 Index matches only the inclusions and exclusions since September 2002.


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