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by sector (as of 31/08/2015)

Sectors Shares
Technology28.37 %
Financial Services21.03 %
Health15.97 %
Services13.33 %
Consumer Packaged Goods8.05 %
Industry6.28 %
Telecom5.46 %
Basic Materials 1.01 %
Oil + Gas0.50 %

by countries (as of 31/08/2015)

by Shares (as of 23/09/2015)

Company Country Sector
Accenture USA Industrial Goods & Services
ACE Switzerland Financial Services
Adobe Systems Incorporated USA Technology
AFLAC USA Insurance
Air Products & Chemicals USA Basic Resources
Akamai Technologies USA Technology
Allergan USA Healthcare
Allstate USA Financial Services
Amdocs USA Technology
American Express USA Financial Services
American Standard Brands USA Technology
AmerisourceBergen USA Healthcare
ANSYS Inc USA Technology
AON USA Financial Services
Apollo Group USA Consumer, cyclical
Apple Computer USA Technology
Applied Materials USA Technology
AT&T USA Telecommunications
Autodesk USA Technology
AutoNation USA Consumer, cyclical

General remarks

The component announcement of the FTSE4GOOD Index Series are published by FTSE on a quarterly basis. SBI tracks the changes and updates the composition accordingly. Last update was on September 23, 2015. The FTSE4GOOD US Index matches only the inclusions and exclusions since September 2002.


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