The stock database contains approx. 4,300 companies listed on the stock exchange; stocks that are considered best investments by funds as well as other stocks which the portrayed funds invest in, and other listed companies that are part of indexes. 

The best investments are updated on a monthly basis. The investment companies themselves publish a complete portfolio of their funds only once or twice a year. The indexes are updated according to their respective amendments.

The stock database allows the following search options: which stocks are invested in by the portrayed funds, which companies are considered best investments, and in which indexes a company is listed. You access the stock through a link.

The stock database may be sorted according to company, country or industry (automotive, banking, chemicals, energy, trade, etc.) by clicking on the heading of the corresponding column. This broad universe of stocks is derived from the different concepts and criteria of the sustainable investment funds.

Please note that as publisher of the platform, the Sustainable Business Institute (SBI) does not assess the sustainability of individual stocks.

Under “Sustainability Code”, you will find a list of companies with a compliance statement following the German Sustainability Code (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitscode (DNK)) of the “Council for Sustainable Development” (Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung (RNE)).