This section permits you to find approx. 2,600 companies registered, together with the corresponding indices and funds.

The top investments are updated monthly. The fund companies themselves publish the complete portfolio of their funds generally only one to two times per year. The indexes are updated in accordance with their respective amendments.

You can search in the stock database, whether and to what fund or index a company is represented. The stock database can be sorted by sector (automobile, bank, chemistry, energy, trade and so on). You need to click on the title of the corresponding column. This broad universe of equity results from the different concepts and criteria of the sustainable investment funds. The Sustainable Business Institute (SBI) as the platform manager however does not assess the sustainability of the individual shares. The compilation of shares is based solely on the indices and the top investments of the funds. Use the link to get to each share.

In the section “Sustainability Code” you can find a list of companies which meet the German Sustainability Code according to the “Council for Sustainable Development” (Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung).