3M Co.
Industrial Goods & Services

This share is Holding of at least one European Sustainable Fund.

Is top-investment in following funds:

Fund name Listed in Share
BL Equities Horizon AT, BE, CH, DE, FR, LU, SE, SG, DK, ES 4.52 %
One Sustainable Fund Global Environment (Living Planet Fund) LU, CH, FR 3.80 %
C-QUADRAT Global Quality ESG Equity AT, DE 3.80 %
BRASCRI PHZ Nachhaltigkeitsfonds CH 3.63 %
Candriam Sustainable North America (Dexia) AT, BE, FI, FR, DE, IT, LU, NL, ES, SE, CH 3.14 %
Bethmann Aktien Nachhaltigkeit DE 2.62 %
Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeitsfonds-Aktien (former Ethik-Aktienfonds) AT, DE, CZ, UK, IT 2.44 %
KCD-Union Nachhaltig Aktien DE 2.40 %
Gutmann Aktien Nachhaltigkeitsfonds (T) AT 2.07 %
Candriam Equities L Sustainable World (Dexia) AT, BE, DK, FI, FR, UK, DE, IT, LU, NL, PT, ES, SE, CH 1.98 %
Candriam Sustainable World (Dexia) LU, BE, DE, AT, IT, FR, NL, ES, SE, FI, UK, CH 1.97 %
Bethmann Nachhaltigkeit DE 1.87 %
KBC ECO Fund World DE, AT, BE, FR, LU, NL, CZ 1.78 %
JSS Sustainable Portfolio - Balanced (EUR) (former Sarasin OekoSar Portfolio A) CH, LI, DE, AT, IT, FR, LU, GB, IR, NL, BE, ES, SE, DK, SG 1.25 %
Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeitsfonds-Mix DE, AT, CZ, HU, IT, PE, SK, SL 1.15 %


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