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29/01/2010 — 

According to information from the Sustainable Business Institute (SBI), publisher of the European market platform, a total of 313 sustainable retail funds were approved for distribution in Germany, Austria and / or Switzerland as on 31.12.2009.

By 31.12.2009, these 313 funds were invested with about 30 billion Euros. At the end of 2008 the SBI registered 274 funds.

The Sustainable Business Institute (SBI) includes all funds that consider, in a specific way, social, environmental or ethical criteria. The SBI relies on information contained in the fund prospectuses and fact sheets of the investment companies.

Overall, up to end of the year 2009, 60 funds were newly recorded into the fund universe of the SBI funds database. These funds were either launched in 2009, have adapted their strategy to "sustainability" or were already registered in other countries. 13 funds have been closed since the beginning of the year or merged with other funds.

21.11 billion Euros were invested in 192 equity funds. The performance of the equity funds that were already launched in late 2008 was very diverse: in 2009 it ranged between plus 125% and minus 10%. It should be noted that the nature of the equity funds differ greatly: These funds include broadly based international funds as well as specialized funds with a regional focus, and also technology and specialist funds.

4.4 billion Euros were invested in 39 fixed income funds. The performance of these funds that were already launched in late 2009 ranged between plus 36% and minus 7% in 2009.
3 billion Euros were invested in 53 balanced funds and 122 million Euros in 17 umbrella funds. The performance of balanced funds that had been launched in late 2008 was between plus 35% and minus 1% in 2009. The performance of the umbrella funds that were launched in late 2008, was between plus 28% and minus 9%. Looking at the mixed- and umbrella funds it should be noted that the proportion of shares in the portfolio differs significantly - with a corresponding impact on risk and return.

A total of approx. 550 million Euros was invested in the 10 sustainable ETFs. The performance of the ETFs that were already launched by the end of 2008 was between plus 40% and minus 3% in 2009. By the end of 2009 about 425 million Euros were invested in the 2 Microfinance Funds. The performance ranged between plus 3.3% and plus 1.2%.

Dr. Paschen v. Flotow, Sustainable Business Institute (SBI), January 2010


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